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Advertising through Facebook gives us the following advantages:

  1. Ad control. By tracking the statistics of a campaign's performance data, we can create new promotional material (text, images) targeted to a different audience.
  2. Brand name boosting. By using CPM, we gain access to users who are looking for products and services similar to yours.
  3. Remarketing. The option of remarketing enables us to show, more often, ads to users who have already visited your site while browsing the web.
  4. A/B testing. By using this method we can create different ads by pitting two versions of a webpage against each other within a given time-frame to determine which one performs better and produces the highest conversion rate.
  5. Reaching mobile device users. As the following chart shows, Facebook use through mobile phones and tablets is increasing rapidly every year. Ads via Facebook helps us reach these specific users more successfully.

mobile audience over last 10 years

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